Beautifully Easy Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Pineapple Centrepiece Table Setting

It has always irked me that we southern hemisphere folks are burdened with wintery themed Christmas traditions. Preparing a midday roast dinner just doesn’t really appeal in 24 degrees (someone please tell my baby boomers). More and more of us kiwis have abandoned the northern traditions in favour of the BBQ or the beach picnic. One tradition I do love is decorating and setting the table. Here is my kiwi twist on the Christmas table.

A Colourful Floral Christmas Tree

Floral Christmas TreeBefore we begin with the table, check out this gorgeous floral Christmas tree that I absolutely love! It’s so summery and colourful – perfect for a kiwi Christmas. Just head down to your local 2 dollar shop and pick up some faux flowers, some of that fury curly wire and a good pair of scissors. You can even reuse your flowers for other occasions throughout the year – baby shower photo wall or Cinco de Mayo? Carry your colourful theme through to the table using the same bright flowers in mason jars.

Pineapple Centrepieces

Pineapple CentrepiecePineapples are so hot right now. And what’s not to love? They are cheap, delicious and a perfect addition to your kiwi table. Hollow them out and fill with beautiful flowers for a stunning centrepiece or leave them whole for a tropical vibe. Dip the leftover pineapple in chocolate for some DIY pineapple lumps or pop on top of your pav.

 Homemade Place Names

Homemade Place Names RosemaryHomemade Place Names Candy Cane

A few years back our family begun a failed tradition of decorating a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve. Newsflash, icing melts! We’ve since abandoned that idea, but the kids still love getting involved in anything crafty. Homemade place names are a really fun addition to your Christmas table setting. And I simply love these little candy canes and am also a big fan of the rosemary for a more rustic feel. Hey – why not combine the two together? I might just do that this year…

Fairy Lights

Homemade Fairy Lights

Chances are you’ll be eating al fresco at Christmas. The BBQ is on, the outdoor table is normally bigger and let’s face it – being anywhere near a cranking oven is not ideal mid-summer. Create some gorgeous outdoor atmosphere by stringing up some fairy lights over the table. These little battery powered LED lights are super cheap and can be placed in mason jars to create spectacular mood lighting.


Christmas in summer is pretty bloody awesome if you ask me – so let’s embrace it antipodean style and start making our own traditions! Meri Kirihimete! (that’s Māori for Merry Christmas).