5 Ways with St Germain

5 Ways with St Germain

When many people hear “St Germain” they think of beautiful French architecture, decadent cafés, and fine romantic arts and music. St Germain liqueur, however, is not French at all – this exquisite drop is actually American, but don’t hold that against it! Though it has its origins in the US it is still made in Europe utilising ancient French techniques.

This liqueur made from fresh, handpicked Elderflowers was created in 2007 and was quickly labelled “the bartender’s ketchup”… and who doesn’t like ketchup?

So just like ketchup in your pantry, your bar is not complete without this on its shelf. It makes the perfect gift for anyone who needs a dash of luxury in their life and is the perfect alternative to diamonds. (ok, ok, maybe not diamonds but it does feel pretty luxurious)

In case you need any more convincing, here are our top 5 ways to enjoy St Germain:


This is so mouth-wateringly good your palate will not be disappointed! Add an ice cube if you wish to lighten the flavour or cool down over summer.

To Make:

  • 1 short glass
  • 30ml St Germain
  • One large ice cube (optional)
  • One favourite TV Show, Magazine or Book with favourite lounger.

Place ice in a glass (if applicable) then slowing savour the moment and you trickle the liqueur over the ice. Leave your beverage to settle for a few minutes, then enjoy!


Just add a dash of Champagne

Champagne is luxurious enough on its own but if you want to feel extra special then add some of this liquid gold into your tipple. It’s just sweet enough to smooth out the dryness of the bubbles without turning it into a fizzy pop. Think Ice Champagne on delicious steroids!

To Make:


  • 1 Champagne Flute
  • 90ml of Champagne or Sparkling Wine (our fav is Lanson’s      Champagne or Lindauer Special Reserve Blanc de Blanc)
  • 15ml of St Germain
  • 3 Blueberries or 1 Strawberry to garnish (optional)


Pour bubbles into flute. Drizzle in St Germain and pop in the blueberries or Strawberry to garnish. Enjoy!

Tip: Make sure your Champagne flute is clean and free from any traces of lint. This is so the bubbles rise evenly from the bottom of the glass, and not from any roughage (i.e., lint or “fluff”) on the inside of the flute.


In a Margarita… St Rita!

This modern twist on an old classic is the perfect cocktail delicacy! Having guests over? No problem! Simply quadruple the recipe and add to an icy cold pitcher – now you’ve got pre-made margaritas to share and you take out this year’s title of hostess with the mostest.

To Make:

  • 1 Margarita or rocks glass
  • 60ml silver Tequila (we like Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver)
  • 30ml St Germain
  • 20ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • Ice

Put all liquids into a cocktail shaker – shake to combine. Fill glass with ice, strain contents of shaker into the glass.

Want an extra flavour dimension? Add rimming salt to your glass – take the empty glass and run a wedge of lime around the edge of the glass then dip into rock salt. Fill glass with ice and shaker contents.


Not just a Gin and Tonic

Gin is having a massive renaissance, and why shouldn’t it? With beautiful botanicals, fresh flavours and light floral notes, what’s not to love? Not to mention, this longstanding gem goes perfectly with St Germain, demonstrated perfectly by a sweet twist on the classic G&T.

To Make

  • 1 Gin glass of your choosing
  • 30ml Gin
  • 60ml Tonic
  • 15-20ml St Germain (depending on your taste)
  • Ice
  • Lime to Garnish

Fill the glass with Ice and pour over the liquids. If you are new to Gin and Tonics or find the flavour of Tonic quite harsh, add the full 20ml of St Germain. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Bonus tip – if tonic is not to your taste substitute Soda or a dry Lemonade.


What’s in a name – The St Germain Cocktail 

This recipe is for the St Germain Cocktail and if they’ve put their name to it, it has to be good! This is also a great way of using up leftover bubbles (if such a thing exists). This would go great with the left-over chicken, seafood, the gallons of potato salad, with a light side salad.

To Make:

  • 1 Tall glass
  • Ice
  • 60ml Champagne or Sparkling Wine
  • 45ml St Germain
  • 60ml Sparkling Water
  • Lemon twist for garnish

Fill glass with ice. Layer ingredients in order stated above – this is an essential element of the cocktail. Stir until completely mixed, then garnish with a lemon twist.

Just some of the ways we love to use this most versitible and delicious liqueur, pick up a bottle to complete your bar essentials today!