Spruce up your Lindauer

Fraise Ice Blocks

Adult only dessert…

These adult-only ice-blocks are super easy to make! All you have to do is half fill your champagne flutes with Lindauer Fraise, add some strawberries if they’re in season and add an ice-block stick. Then pop them into the freezer until they’re solid.

Find Lindauer Fraise at your local Liquor King store.


Floral Ice Cubes

Chill your bubbles in style with flower infused ice-cubes…

Whether you’re organising a date with friends or a romantic dinner, floral ice-cubes is an easy way to add a touch of sophistication to any event. It also gives you an excuse to keep the chilled Lindauer on display!

All you have to do is fill your ice-tray with petals of your choice, add water and freeze overnight. And voila, an insta-worthy ice-bucket.

Hot tip: You’re not limited to using petals; you can use whole flowers, fresh fruits and herbs like mint! Let your imagination run wild!