Summer Party Planning Made Easy

Summer Party Planning

It’s the time of year when the sun is beaming down, the weather is BBQ appropriate, and middle aged men start to religiously wear their stubbies all over New Zealand.

Yes, it’s finally summer again after a long, cold winter. And what better way to celebrate the approaching sun than a summer cocktail party?

Get those legs ready to be seen in the light of day, grab your best floral summer dress and get ready to see in the best season of the year with this summer party planning guide!

Party planning checklist

  • Enough drinks to go around – this means around enough for 2-3 drinks per guest
  • Ice, mixers, and fruit such as lemons, limes, oranges, berries and cucumbers to garnish
  • Appetisers and snacks to tide your guests over and make sure no one gets silly
  • Cocktail gear like shakers, muddlers and cocktail glasses, so you can show off all your newly learned cocktail making magic
  • A balanced party space – areas people can hear each other, and a space for people to dance to some sweet summer tunes
  • A playlist filled with upbeat, summer songs
  • Don’t forget to get some beersies
  • Most importantly, you want guests, so get on Facebook and set up an event!

Cocktail ideas for your summer party

One of the most important parts of any cocktail party is being prepared with delicious summer cocktail recipes! In summer you’re going to be looking for light, bubbly and fruity drinks. Vodka and Gin are both key summer spirits. Match them with some refreshing fruit and summer tastes, and you’ll be well on your way to perfect summer cocktails.


Try out one of our Easy Vodka Cocktails: