At Liquor King (LK for short) we’re passionate about helping you create an amazing experience, whether it’s as simple as picking up a bottle of wine to share with friends, a girls night BYO or as intricate as helping you organise the drinks, glassware and nibbles for Aunty Violet’s 80th birthday. Perhaps you’re planning the happiest (and some might say most intricate) day of all – your wedding.

When it comes to drinks, occasions & celebrations, we think we’re pretty good at the kind of thing and we’d love nothing more than being able to advise, assist & help you make your occasion the best that it can possibly be.

Within these pages we are excited to share the things that inspire us and the answers to the questions we wanted to know about how to create great drinks for amazing events, the difference between wine from here or wine from there or what whiskey goes with which craft beer.

If you want to know something, drop us a line and we’ll research it for you! Ask us anything, we’re here to help create an amazing and memorable experience. Email with any questions you may have or visit for more information on products and make a purchase.

We you enjoy reading the content as much as we enjoy creating it! xx

The LK Team